Nico Mullin, The Shape changer
Age: Lost
Gender: Depends on form
Pronouns: Depends on form
Partner: Volt Littledove
Home: Lavender beds
FC: F.B.I. (Friends Being Idiots)
Head bouncer at Galaxy Nightclub
Head Receptionist at LuXe


Nico the healer and shapeshifter does not lead a normal life. As a front line healer they have seen the darkness that the world does hold as they served in the Dragonsong war, as a Lalafell. Nico wasn't always a shapeshifter, it was only after they had to break a curse time and time again. Nico, and their forms have a tenacity to drink, and when drunk forgets to watch what they say. The first time Nico woke as a male Miqo'te, it took months of learning magic before finally opening a portal to deal with the Voidsents. This was not the smartest thing Nico has done but it did work out in the end, even if it was a near death. As time passed on it wasn't long till Nico pissed off yet another mage while drinking, and yet again another portal to the Void for yet another trade. This would go on till the fifth occurrence, Nico then decided that he would make a deal to become a shapeshifter. This wouldn't be the brightest moment in Nico's history as they had to do some unspeakable things to procure what was needed to trade with the creatures. The last trip was the length of three whole days in the land of the living, it was a long and gruesome trail but in the end Nico would have what they were seeking. Now Nico travels as one and as all, their forms residing inside and able to speak at will.